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Submission Guidelines
Here are some categories for guidance:

  • Health on the Net
  • About a Therapy
  • About a Remedy
  • Recipes
  • About a philosophy

Regardless of the nature of your submission, there are a couple of points, which you must be aware of -

About confidentiality
We need to know the source of our information, even if the author(s) are not quoted.
In short we require your full name(s) and your e-mail address(es) to be stored off-line with a copy of the information you send us.

We might publish your full name(s) but we will not publish your contact details; e.g. for longer articles, we would like to publish at least one author name.

By submitting a contribution to us, you agree to the above.

Unless the enquiry is of a legal nature, we will also not give out your name and contact details if a request to do so is received

Any information submitted to us can be used and referenced by Vitaforum as we see fit.

Different Languages
Contributions will be accepted in French, Danish or Spanish. See [link to about format/languages] for information about articles in a non-English language.

For articles (presentations) we have additional guidelines.



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