Format of a presentation

The author(s) of an article or presentation are not expected to provide an article in its final format.  The final format is listed at the end of this chapter and is handled by the editorial team after a successful submission.

The following must be provided -

If the article is accepted for publication the following must also be provided –


Use of font type is restricted only by limitations of what can be handled by standard set-up of web browsers.  The editorial team has the final say on fonts used and their sizes.

Narrative style

Explanations must be concise.  Detailed explanations can be provided as footnotes (fits with our drill down approach).

Although constructive criticism is encouraged, offensive and slanderous remarks of any form will not be accepted.


The editorial team can only publish articles in English. This is only a limitation in the capabilities of the editorial staff.

It will accept articles in French or Spanish as well.  But Authors cannot expect the provision of a translation service and will have to be prepared to work with staff at Vitaforum to provide an English version.

An article has to be published in English, but authors are encouraged to provide other language versions of the article.  The condition for accepting a version in a different language is that –

File Formats

All submitted articles are processed under the Windows platform on Intel PCs.
Files containing text can be in one of the following formats:

Word version 6 or above (.doc), Rich Text file (.rtf), HTML (.htm / .html) or plain text (.txt)

Images can be submitted in the following formats:

Jpeg, TIFF, gif, png or bmp

About the Final Format

The editorial team at Vitaforum try to structure articles such that there are ‘drill down’ possibilities.

A drill down possibility is where a reader first reads a condensed and/or simplified version of the contents.  Depending upon the interests and knowledge of the reader, he or she can then gain further information by choosing appropriate hypertext links.

A reader with a basic understanding of the topic may be interested to learn more, but would get discouraged and lost if the presentation was too technical.  A specialist, on the other hand would lose interest if the in depth information was lacking.  With the drill down approach both readers can be satisfied.


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